Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Reunion (Part II)

Perfect body, perfect smile
Your touch renders me servile

I love the way you speak to me
So sweet yet obscene...

I'm addicted and

You'd agree
I crave you endlessly
And I feel useful on my knees
I take comfort at your feet...

I never take my eyes off you as I do what I'm told. Your eyes scan down my body as I peel off my tank top and hastily unbutton the dark jeans hugging my hips. I step out of them and am left standing in front of you, simple black bra lifting my tits to create the closest I can come to subtle cleavage, and my favorite lace underwear hugging my now exposed hips, where I know your hands and mouth will be not soon enough. And the heels. There's no way I could meet your kiss without the support of some kind of stiletto and standing there they bring out the tone in my calves and accentuate the femininity. My soft curves stand in sharp contrast to your defined lines along your shoulders, pecs, abs and arms. I can't get enough of the strength you exude every time I look your direction.
You look at me, still standing in my bra and underwear, and I don't wait for you to tell me to get rid of those, too. The appearance I spent so long preparing has been reduced to a pile next to me and I am entirely exposed. Except for the heels. We both know they're better left on.
I look at you, waiting for your next move, and like you read my thoughts you are upon me, your teeth once again on my neck, and I'm suddenly very aware that I'll be wearing my hair down for the next week so no one asks question. After eliciting a few more sighs and whimpers from me, you shove me back and down on the bed and take to your luggage. I had wondered why you'd brought so much. Sure, it's obvious now, but that doesn't even start to cover it. You reach in and pull out from the very top of the bag - almost like you packed it knowing what you were doing - a broad, long strip of black fabric. You climb onto the bed and then onto me, pinning my hands as you kiss me again. You stare down at me and I look back at you hard, knowing I'll be deprived of the sight of you for however long you keep me that way. I notice your eyes are darker than they usually are, and I'm already shaking in anticipation.
You tie the blindfold tight around the back of my head, already tangled in my hair. You ask if you can trust me to behave myself momentarily and I smile. You know you can for this moment, and then that's it. In case you forget, as soon as I feel your body leave the bed, I sit up and playfully start to remove the blindfold. Before I can untie the knot, the weight of your body is on me again and you have stolen my hands above my head and I feel a cord tightening around my wrists as you bring them together. It's not rough, but it's not smooth, either, and you keep tightening it until I clench my hands, begging you not to go any tighter. You must tie some kind of knot, because I feel the loose ends smack against my forearms as you throw my hands down above my head.
Unable to see you and now, unable to feel you with my palms, you must know by now how badly I'm aching for you. You must know because you take your time, and I can feel you standing over me, beside me. I can feel you staring at me as I lie on the bed with nothing covering me but the ropes at my wrists. Minutes pass like hours which are probably only seconds, but the wait is killing me and I'm starting to breathe heavier just waiting for you to touch me.
Then I choke on my own breath as you bite down - hard - on my nipples and it's everything I can do not to scream and I try to bring my hands to pull you off me and of course, it's no good. You've done your job well.
Just as suddenly, you have moved motionlessly to my hip bones, and as you bite harder and harder, I can't help but buck towards you and I'm so glad you haven't silenced me yet, because I have to start begging.
"Please, oh dear god, please fuck me!"
You chuckle and tell me you thought I'd hold out longer. You're disappointed.
I whimper, because I know I shouldn't have spoken. Now you're going to take it out on me. At least, I can hope you are.
I don't feel you on the bed anymore and I crane my head to try to hear what you're doing. It's some kind of rustling, and I can't make out the sound but that moment I feel you climb back on the bed and then you're on me again, one of your bare legs between mine. You lower your body on to mine and I sense a calmness in you as I feel your breath on my shoulder, my neck, my cheek. You kiss me. Slow, long, deep. I smile and exhale slowly as you pull your lips from mine and bring them next to my ear.
"You ready to do as I say?" you ask me, half-crooning, half-growling.
"Oh, yes sir."
"That's more like it."

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