Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Real pain.

Unlike anything I've ever felt before.

I just found out my cousin, 25, brilliant and beautiful and selfless and unique and every other superlative I could possibly think of, was murdered. While she was in New Orleans studying and volunteering. She was shot several times in the head.

There are no words.

I miss you, Kirsten.


Lilly said...

Condolences and healing thoughts to you and your family, from a total stranger who recently started reading your blog.
I can't say much except that my heart goes out to you.

Essin' said...

Hugs. Many many many many of them.

I have skype now too.

Roland Hulme said...

Oh my God, I'm so sorry.

Fat Controller said...

My heart goes out to you and your family: This is just so unimaginably awful. A numbing, senseless tragedy.

I'm keeping you in my thoughts.

Amalthea said...

Oh.... Sasha. I'm speechless and there are tears in my eyes. In these moments words lose their power. What I will say... just because I wish so much that there was a comfort to offer - though time is likely the only comfort that will even work-... is that while I didn't know Kirsten, I am thankful for her time here. I am thankful that she touched lives, added beauty to the world, volunteered in New Orleans, and clearly meant much to her family. I will mourn her from afar and hurt for you that this ugliness has touched you and your family. Love and hugs and a shoulder to cry on. I'm always a keyboard and some clicks away if you need me.

Merlin said...

The senseless violence that occurs in this world is one of the few things that saddens me.

So very sorry this happened, and what a terrible loss.

nimue said...

Oh, I am so very sorry. I can't imagine how you and your family must feel. My thoughts are with you.