Thursday, September 11, 2008

Being alone

Can sometimes be a really fabulous thing. At least for short periods of time. Tonight, for the first time in over a month, I have the room to myself. My roommate is out at a concert, and I have no plans. No date. Well, except the one I decided to make with myself. After dinner, I hopped in the shower, and took my time, finally.

Turning the hot water all the way up, letting it run down my skin, feeling every drop as it fell down, cheek to collarbone, traced a line between my breasts and gathered near my navel, where it split into two rivers, leading down to each hip bone. From there, the water ran down my thighs, wrapping circles around my calves and finally forming a puddle as it fell off the bony part of my ankle.

And then I imagined your tongue tracing a line back up where that water was falling. Taking my foot like some scene from Cinderella, and leaving kisses up my legs, my toes pointed like a ballerina. And as you moved up my leg, you'd look up at me with that mischievous look I love so much, and I'd be reminded how fantastic you look with water running down your body. You stopped at my hips, to nibble along the bone, keeping your hands firm around my waist because you knew my knees would go weak as soon as your teeth met my skin. Your smirk turned to a blatant grin as I whimpered and leaned back against the wall for more support.

You took this as an invitation, and raised yourself from your knees, letting me look at your glorious shape in full. Jesus, you're beautiful. You brought your hands to my chin as you stepped towards me. I knew what was coming, and my stomach was still in knots. You kept your eyes locked on mine until I tried to look away, feeling the connection almost too well. Instead of letting me turn my head, you kissed me. Deeply. Exploring my mouth with your tongue and coaxing mine into yours. Again, my knees went weak. You wrapped your hands around my back and leaned into me, fully pinning me against the wall. The cold tile on my back combined with your still-wet warmth along my torso left me shivering as I melted into you.

"Maybe we should get out of here," you suggested. You knew I couldn't conjure any coherent thought, so I just nodded and grabbed a towel for each of us as you turned off the water. We opened the door and the steam flowed out - only half of it from the hot water. We raced to the bedroom like teenagers afraid to get caught sneaking around. We tripped over each other as we tried to close the door behind us and landed on top of one another. Well, you on top of me, really. You smiled like you planned it this way all along. And maybe you did. I wouldn't put it past you. You kissed me again, as both of us were smiling. Knowing full well you had the advantage, you took the chance and in one swift movement, rid me of my towel. "You won't be needing this," you assured me.

Keeping your body on top of mine, you filled your hands with my breasts and buried your face in my neck. If I had any thought of trying to get up, you banished it at that moment. Again, you traced the same path your mouth had taken in the shower, but this time in reverse. I reached down to run my hands through your hair, and you pulled your head up from my skin, scolding me. In one fluid motion, you had pinned my hands above my head. I took a deep breath and moved a little farther from this plane of existence.

You spent more time biting at my hips, I consequently writhing underneath you, whimpering from time to time. Suddenly, I felt pressure on my clit - vibrating slowly, and as I melted even further, I heard you growl "Oh, is that where you like that?" You knew I couldn't answer in any way but to nod. "That's what I thought."

I love when you talk to me like that. I can't manage to do it myself, but hearing you tell me what I like, and how I belong to you and will do exactly what you tell me to, just reminds me of how true all those things are and how much I enjoy that fact.

You kept growling, keeping your hand at my clit, keeping me tantalizingly close. And of course, you knew when I was, and would chuckle and tell me I wasn't getting off so easily. Had I been more cognizant, I would have laughed, too, at the pun. Instead, you filled my mouth, and I almost lost control. I knew I had to ask your permission, and I knew I wouldn't get it, but having a part of you inside of me pushed me so close to the edge that I started shaking. You knew I couldn't hold out much longer, but kept torturing me. When you'd feel my body tense, you'd pull away the vibrator, seeming to revel in the change in my breathing it caused and my increasing desperation. Finally, you aligned your body with mine and thrust into me, digging your nails into my skin. I arched my back with the brilliant pain caused by having you so deep and fully inside me.

You moved your hips in that way that only you can, where it feels like you're not moving while at the same time rocking my entire body. I felt you through every nerve in my body, and as you brought the vibrator back to my clit, my body took over. My hips bucked off the bed and into you, my nails dug into your back and I lost sight of everything around me except you. My body tensed around you and all at once released and I couldn't help but gasp and pull you closer. I needed to be closer to you than physically possible.

As my body settled, you looked at me - and I couldn't tell if the dampness on your forehead was from your still-wet hair or a fine layer of sweat. Your eyes flashed. "You didn't think we were done, did you?" I felt you start fucking me again. Harder this time, with more urgency. You whispered more filthy things to me and I wrapped my legs around you, impressed that I could still move them after the putty you'd just turned me into. I sunk my teeth into your shoulder, and that soft spot just behind your collarbone. You thrust harder. I felt your body tense and felt mine start to do the same. I rocked my hips into you and realized we were both panting, almost in unison. Every muscle in my body was tight, waiting for you to push me over the edge. Then you came, with a chorus of profanities. Feeling you let go, I couldn't hold on any more, and joined you, nearly screaming as wave after wave hit me. I don't know how long we stayed like that, rocking, breathing, existing in unison.

Slowly, we came back down, you still on top of me, head resting on my chest. A tiny aftershock ran down my spine and I shivered. You raised your head to look at me, smiling. Your eyes were less intense, now; So much energy had been spent between us that I could still feel it buzzing in the air.

I stayed like that, thinking of you as I drifted off to sleep, and wishing you'd been there with me for what we just had.


Amalthea said...

Holy wow, ok, ok, you're not a tease! I may call you one sometime in the future though to see if I get so richly rewarded again. This post finally inspired me to get the new vibe I deserve and have been needing... and made me want to make a date with myself and your blog. Thanks for the comment love as always!

Merlin said...

In your imagination, sex is always perfect. How good it is in real life often depends on how well your partners conform to your expectations and desires.

There's no reason why this scenario could not be recreated with a compassionate and impassioned lover.

Lou said...

THIS is absolutely outstanding. Wow.

Sasha Sappho said...

Amalthea - Yes well the timing did happen to work out well. And, you know, I like making you happy. :)

Merlin - great to see you here. I definitely agree that solo sex usually falls short of that with a partner, but sometimes you work with what you've got.

Lou - welcome! I was going to go stalk your blog, but I couldn't find a link on your profile. Sadface. And thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

max said...

wonderful fantasy/memory/future meeting. certainly made me want to be a part of it. said...

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