Thursday, September 4, 2008

HNT: Tanlines

It's been just over two weeks since I started working on my crazy Mediterranian tan. Of course, at this point, it's starting to fade. I apologize for the quality of the photo - it had to be with my webcam as there's still no way to upload from my digital camera. Sadface.



Roland Hulme said...

WOW! That HNT is an added bonus for visiting your site!

When I was a tourguide for all the American kids, I dealt with a few who were, like:

*toss hair over shoulder*

"Gah! I, like, totally dunno why these French dudes, like, speak French or shit to me, cos, like, they know I totally don't understand it. They're, like, totally retarded or something."

I think if you intend to visit a country, it's polite to learn a little of the language. If you're going to live there for a few weeks or longer, learn to speak it (sounds like you're way ahead there.)

Because I have red hair and pale skin, I clearly wasn't French, so in Paris I would have lots of French people immediately start speaking (varying qualities of) English to me. I think they were just being polite, or wanted to show off, or just wanted to practice their English.

However, I would always reply in French, so the French person would be talking English, the English person would be talking French and much hilarity ensued!

As for America - this is supposed to be the 'melting pot.' I live in New York, with Russians, Polish, Chinese, Italians and Jews kicking around. Yet Best Buy etc. only have their sales crap in Spanish, not Hebrew/German/Polski or whatever.

It's ridiculous. English is the common language that unites all cultures. It's offensive when Obama gets on stage and 'tells us' that our kids better learn Spanish.

Southern Sage said...

nothing at all wrong with the quality in that pic at all!!

Jake (of Facts and Friction) said...

It still looks great!

I love how your skin and those brilliant breasts look. Very, very nice. Apr├Ęs shower? Or just before? :)