Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HNT: Camera!

As promised, I'm now able to upload photos from my digital camera. And take photos in the bathroom mirror, so I can even see what I'm doing. And mess with the colors and tone on my crappy basic photo editor (yeah, it's a step or twelve down from the CS3 I'm used to. Oh well.)

Anyway... here's the first official HNT photo from my camera. I figured it was only fair to show off a lot of skin. So we'll consider this my version of the classic Myspace bathroom self-portrait.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I like this a lot! That cheeky pose (and no, not talking about that tantalising glimpse of cheeks), the bit of camera showing, the exhibitionism contrasting with modesty. Very nice. Happy HNT.

Roland Hulme said...

Happy HNT! And what a treat - you look fab.

Love the tiles in the bathroom, too!

Merlin said...

Lovely . . . though your earring has more megapixels than any I've ever seen.

Amalthea said...

Holy wow, your body is amazing. Luscious. I want to nibble.

Fat Controller said...

Simply gorgeous. Happy HNT!

Wilhelmina Wang said...

Oh, you are *cute*. And cool picture too! And you're right the sketchy bathroom thing is so myspace, I hadn't noticed.

Re: your comment - Thanks! And I'm *so* glad I randomly rushed that queer frat, it's resulted in a lot of fun and discovery... Yeah, the sororities at my school sound like that too... makes my head hurt =|