Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Support is an excellent thing

It's funny how much solace you can take from a little screen and people whose faces you've never seen.

But I owe you all a massive THANK YOU. All the comments on my last entry helped me put the whole situation in perspective, and now whenever I think about it, I laugh. In addition to those who commented, I want to thank those few who I know in person (and who I know read this) and got in touch with me through other avenues. I know this wasn't a major crisis, but I've been so sorely lacking in my regular support systems (a side effect of moving across the world... who would have guessed?) lately that your words all really meant something to me. So thank you to everyone who wrote and offered advice and told me that it wasn't my fault. Like I said, I'm able to laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole situation now.

And a side-note about how much more ridiculous this story got: The crazy lady (ex or not, I still don't really know) sent the girl I'm "in a relationship" with on Facebook a message. Telling her that I'd broken [crazy lady's] heart and that she wanted to tell [my girl] what kind of a person I was just so she wouldn't get hurt, too. Of course, my girl - who is one of my best friends, and who I'm NOT involved with at all - thought it was hilarious, and forwarded the message to me, asking if I wanted her to reply. We contemplated the idea of replying and saying that oh, sure, my "girlfriend" knew all about it, in fact, she was there, too! And then we thought better of even giving them the time of day. But it was still good for a giggle. Seriously, where do I FIND these people? eep.

And I promise the dramatic posts will cease, at least until the next mini-crisis. I have an HNT post in the works, so check back tomorrow for that.

And now, off to a commenting spree. Yay, spreeeee!


Amalthea said...

Yay! :D All my posts are a little dramatic.... lol. At least it helps keep some of the drama out of my head and my life, right? In essence that's what you did here too. You just needed a little validation. It's normal for humans to need that.

Merlin said...

I'm sure it's occurred to you that blog commenters are your modern Greek chorus, guiding and reinforcing you in your on-line life.

And helping to keep it from becoming a tragedy.