Sunday, August 24, 2008

quote of the week

Just a short entry tonight as I'm counting down the last few days left until I get to Madrid... We're currently in Mallorca, which is basically paradise. I've not only found my wedding dress here, I've found a place to have the wedding. Now I just need the person to marry. Heh. Details, details.

Anyways, today we were at a Monestary in the northern mountains of Mallorca, at a place where Chopin actually lived for a while (on a side-note, I got to see original drafts of his hand-written music, as well as original manuscripts of George Sands' "Winter in Mallorca." Pretty awesome. If you're a nerd like me and into that kind of stuff, anyway.)... and our profesor, who was leading our group - he's my favorite of the four chaperones/profesores on this trip - was pointing out the traditional dormitorio of a monk of the Franciscan order who would have lived in this monastery. (It was basically an exhibit in the museum, with authentic artifacts.) He was discussing the life and devotion of a monk, and pointing to various items displayed in the room: bed, basin for bathing, etc. And then he said this:

"Aqui esta una cosa por auto flagelacion.. eh? Self-flagellation? Yes, in the 13th century, monks would beat themselves to show their devotion. Now, it's kinky!"

And then I died laughing. Everyone else kind of giggled, and I had to try my best not to look too much like I got the joke a little TOO well. Although he totally called me on it, and (half-jokingly) asked me to explain to one of my fellow classmates.

I thought you all would enjoy that. When I get to Madrid, I should be able to upload photos, which means I can catch up on the HNT photos I've missed. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to jump on that bandwagon immediately before leaving the country for the rest of the year. Ah well.

Besos por todos!

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