Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How little we've changed

So, here comes the first SOBER entry from Spain. Heh. It will, hopefully, be a little more intelligent than my last entry.

We've been traveling around the Mediterranean coast of Spain, and doing all sorts of academic-touristy things like going to museums and ancient ruins and what not. In the past few days, we've gone to several exhibits of ancient Roman and Grecian art, and discussed a few times, the cult of the phallus. And of course, we saw all kinds of sculptures glorifying the human body. And what's interesting to me is how little the human form has changed in the past, what, 3000 years? I saw sculptures that very closely resembled my own body (and I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't somewhat validating to be remindded that at one point in time, society glorified those of us with curves and even without entirely flat stomachs). The phallic sculptures were also particularly interesting, because they were sculptures of, from what I could tell, ciurcumcized penises. I suppose I knew the practice was that old, but I had never really put two and two together.

And of course, there isn't really anyone here I can discuss these observations with, so you, dear readers, get to be my audience. I'm sure you feel special. I should stop typing now. Mucho drama going on with the group. Apparently we're all in middle school again. Oh. JOY.

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Southern Sage said...

lol@ middle school again!

curves are still glorified where I am concerned for sure.

Have a fun trip.