Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HNT: Favorites III

Yes, we're back to the "favorites" theme for HNT. This one has a little bit of a story. (And two photos!)

One of my favorite things to do when I'm home alone - like I am all this week while my roommates and the rest of my university are on spring break - is dance around my apartment. I spice up cooking by turning up the tunes and rocking out. I sing, and dance, well, like no one's watching. To steal a cliche. It's a blast, and makes everything more fun.

Today, I was doing that as I taught myself to make tortilla espanola for lunch - which was messy and overly involved, but turned out OK for a first try. Then for a late dinner, I decided I'd just go easy and grill some chicken. Exciting, I know. I've started my spring break prep (I leave in exactly a week!), which includes digging out clothes that haven't seen the light of day since last fall in Spain. One such thing was my favorite pair of heels. I've had them for years, I've worn out the heel and the lining, but they're still stunningly comfortable and I love them. Unfortunately, the mesh around the toes makes them inappropriate for the bitter cold northeast. Sad. So I busted out the shoes, at first just with the black sweats I was wearing. Then that seemed like a waste. So I slipped on a short dress. Actually, a negligee-type thing I bought with Essin' Em last summer. And then I cranked up the volume, and started bouncing around my apartment in my favorite shoes. I listened to Bear's song (which will be posted tomorrow), and then Flo Rida's rendition of "Right Round" came on. I don't normally listen to rap, but I love the woman's voice on this track, I love the original song, and, well, seeing as how I'll be in Florida next week, I couldn't help but dance.

Sometimes it's fun to get ridiculous. Especially when no one can see you. There's a chance I might have been dancing like I was in a packed club, even though I was in my empty apartment. I'm sure whoever walked by my window thought I was crazy. They were probably right.

Anyway, I came back to my room and realized I didn't have an HNT post scheduled this week. Since I was already in my favorite shoes and a short skirt, the problem seemed to solve itself.

So, the favorites in this HNT? One - the shoes. Two - my legs. For all that I don't believe in shorts, I LOVE the way my legs look, especially from the knee down, in a nice pair of heels. It's one of the few parts of my body I LIKE the curves on. And three - the tattoo. I guess in some ways, this is probably the most revealing part of this week's HNT, since it's a custom tattoo and anyone who knows me knows I have it. But it's my favorite tattoo, I love the story behind it, and I love the placement. For those of you wondering and/or hindered by the grainy photo (sorry, I'm back to my Webcam instead of the digital I had in Spain), it says "Tivoli."



Osbasso said...

Ooh! Lots of favorites here!

Ha! WV--morbangs
How can you argue with that?

Anonymous said...

Excellent legs!!!
like the shoes too!

d2b said...

Yes, your legs looks fabulos!

Happy HNT!!!

Merlin said...

Am I the only one wondering about the story behind the tattoo?

Proof, it seems, how good your legs look wearing those heels.

Amalthea said...

Love the legs, tattoo, and the shoes. In that order! I hope you dance like everyone is watching and have a fabulous time in those next week! Feel free to call me and yell into the phone while we can't hear each other when you do it. :)

You know what word always comes to mind when I think about you - besides metatwin - vivacious. Just had to add the random thought.