Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The real Edward

i.e. NOT my Edward. Although he did randomly contact me two days ago. And it was strange. And I am pathetic in my inability to separate myself from him. I don't even fall for his lines any more, but I can't seem to cut all ties. Weakling.

Anyway... While doing some work for my academic blog, I stumbled upon an old photo of Leonardo DiCaprio, circa 1997 slash Titanic. And realized that he looks a hell of a lot like Edward, aka Robert Pattinson, from the Twilight movie(s).

other people MUST see the resemblance. I think some of it might be the pale-white-boy-with-spikey-hair look, but nevertheless. It probably also serves as testament to the fact that tastes don't change much... 10 years ago, tweenage girls were drooling over the exact same look they are now. (And yes, some of us are STILL drooling.) I actually prefer Leo now, although that might have something to do with the fact that I actually respect him as an actor. Robert Pattinson, eh, still to be determined. But oh, the boy can sing! Kind of a twangy James Blunt/James Taylor vibe. Interesting, indeed.

That's all I've got for you today.


Osbasso said...

Wow. That was sort of all over the place! :-P

SaS said...

Through all the Twilight craze lately I discovered Rob Pattinson's music as well. I really love what I was able to find, especially "Never Think" because it relates to something I'm going through at the moment I suppose.

Roland Hulme said...

What is the Twilight obsession? I might have to write about it.

I do see the similarities between Leo and Rpatzz. It's the hair, though. As the great philosopher once said: 'Chicks dig the hair, man.'