Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Almost lover.

Yet another post about Edward. Maybe this will be less scatter-brained. (Sorry about that last post, by the way.)

Anyway. I'm behind the times, but I just found this song. And it very much describes the whole Edward and I thing. I spent two hours on the phone with him last night. I can't be angry at him anymore. I don't have the energy. Although I was doing OK with him just letting me alone. But that hasn't seemed to be the tactic of any of the lost lovers in my life lately. But this song is sad and beautiful and resonates with fallen hope... I think that's appropriate.

And one more assertion that I couldn't have picked a more apt psuedonym for him - apparently this song is going to be in the newest Twilight movie. When Edward and Bella split up. Funny how that works.

should have known you'd bring me heartache - almost lovers always do...


Merlin said...

People in love get so close and sensitive they almost can't avoid hurting each other. Just one small misstep, misinterpreted, can result in misery for one or both.

But the love should overcome that in the long run.

Amalthea said...

Occassionally some people's commentary drives me mad - it reads like canned cliches of what SHOULD be. Well, screw that. Love is messy, and it hurts, and sometimes I can't remember why we put ourselves through it. Then I get a flash of the shining moments it produces too and BAM I remember. Almost lovers tend to provide shining moments that seem tinged with the impending angst - which for me was always the most intoxicating lure of all. Much like tragic, fragile beauty has the ability to capture my attention the most strongly - tragic, fragile love has always had the same ability to seize my heart as if none of my usual walls were in place.

Those bastards. Or is it me that's a weak romantic? I can never decide.