Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On being a pro...

...blogger, that is.

No, I'm not actually a professional blogger. But I'm currently taking this class in internet journalism that's making me realize what it might be like were I actually getting paid (and therefore had the time) to blog. For this class, we're expected (among a slew of other things and programs and projects) to create and maintain a blog with a team of four people. And we are each expected to post at least three times a week. Yes, I know that means if I were to blog here for credit, I would fail miserably. But that means there are at least two posts a day... I think that's a little insane. Perhaps because I think of blogging as a personal thing and the idea of a blogging team in general is rather foreign to me, but I think two updates A DAY is a little much. It's an awful lot of content. Aside: We're also required to use wordpress, which I must admit does seem more powerful than Blogger, but it's also a hell of a lot more intimidating.

But ironically enough, I think, were I being paid to blog regularly, I certainly could. I've been slacking off particularly here as of late as the semester has picked up, but were my blogging a higher priority, I could pull it off. Maybe then I'd get some fun perks. Like more recognition, or hits, or other awesome things. another aside: does anyone know how I can add a hit counter to this blog?

Like meeting fellow bloggers. Oh, wait! That happened this weekend!

After a cozy five hour bus ride (which I slept through almost all of) to the City, I had the distinct pleasure of being picked up by Roland Hulme. hmm... that sounds a little strange out of context... What I mean is, he met me at the station. I told him I'd be wearing my white peacoat featured in past HNTs, and of course I knew from his blog what he looked like, so we exchanged numbers and set out. There was a little shuffling about as we played the i-think-that's-the-person-i'm-meeting game, but following the eye-to-eye acknowledgement and smile, greeted one another with a hug. Roland took me on a whirlwind tour of his office, a beautiful building in Manhattan, the stuff that young jschool students like myself only dream about, and then it was swiftly off to an Irish pub for some live music.

I should say that I'm not used to being around men who act so gentlemanly. (Yes, I know that's not a word.) Doors were held for me, luggage was carried, drinks were paid for - in short, he spoiled me rotten! I think Roland I got along exceedingly well, and moved past the awkward i-only-sort-of-know-you phase quite quickly. As he acknowledged, it's very strange to technically know so much about someone (he, and all of you, have seen me half-nekkid more than once, that's for sure) and simultaneously know so little (my real name, where I go to school, or even what color my eyes are). But just as I suspected we might, we got along well, quickly acting like old friends. He was indeed charming and fabulously quirky, as I was expecting. He was also, however, warm and welcoming, and I instantly felt comfortable around him - that's something that doesn't happen often for me and so I was all the more appreciative of it.

I do think I rose a few suspicions as to WHY I was at this pub with Roland. Several of his friends and coworkers were there, and while they were quite pleasant (and apparently a few were sad to see me leave), there were a couple who leaned in close and asked me without much subtlety, "So, how DO you two know each other?" I doubt anyone meant anything by it, and I actually thought it was quite funny. Not helped by Roland and my's fumbling around the answer - versions of the truth that attempted to maintain both our privacies - well, we read one another's blogs. What do we blog about? Oh, you know. Just life in general. *cue not-so-discreet subject change*

Overall, it was, without a doubt, the best welcome to the City I've had. I only wish I'd had more time to spend chatting and getting to know one another. Although I have no doubt that will happen in the future. As Roland said, we're no longer just blogosphere friends, we're friends in the realosphere.


Amalthea said...

Hehehe, score points for the realosphere!!! I'm so glad it went well, and it would be interesting to hear your thoughts later on your school project too.

Essin' Em said...

Sounds like a fun trip.

I've met a great deal of sex bloggers, and it's been fabulous almost every time.

Merlin said...

Relationships with sex bloggers turn convention on its ear . . . often you see each other in the nude long before you meet! But that doesn't mean they can't work. You've already established a rapport with the other person, in almost all cases, which makes it far easier to get to know how he or she reacts in the "real" world.