Monday, October 27, 2008

I (lessthanthree) your blog.

I'm making a concerted effort to get OUT of the habit of saying I "heart" things by the time I leave Spain, so I've resorted to using lessthanthree. Also, it's a phrase rather dear to me as it's an affectionate greeting between P and I. Depending on how much less than three we write, that's how much we love/miss the other. It's silly, but fun. But I'm digressing.

My dearest Essin' Em was gracious enough to list little ol' me in her I <3 your blog entry, and I figured it's time I return the favor.

First off, the rules:
1. Link to the giver.
2. Nominate up to seven other fabulous blogs and link to them.
3. Leave comments announcing their rise to greatness.
**Note - You may have been given this already, so that means you are a GREAT blogger.

And so here they are, in no particular order.

Essin' Em, I lessthanthree your blog! My dear, where could I even begin? I love that we've known each other basically forever, lost and regained touch so many times, and still we've ended up so close in our identities and intellectualism and lives. You are, absolutely, my inspiration in so many things, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little proud to tout you as one of my real-world friends. I can't wait for more Mexican food and sex chat as soon as I'm back. And maybe some hottubbing, too... Sans awkward friends this time? :)

Amalthea, I lessthanthree your blog! Darling, we've gone over this so many times in comments and emails back and forth, but I absolutely love what kindred spirits we are, even though we've yet to meet in person. (I say yet because I fully plan on remedying that one of these days!) I love how your voice comes through in your writing - I know you think it's scattered, but I just think it's fabulous. I also love reading as you see how blogging can be so beneficial for you and your life and your self-esteem. You most certainly deserve it. (Also, I should let you know that as a child, The Last Unicorn scared me shitless. You have very nearly changed my perception on that.) Also, I'm loving you participating in HNT... gives me more to look forward to. :)

Fat Controller, I lessthanthree your blog! Your words are beautiful, you and Heather are beautiful, and I love being able to be a fly on the wall (well, with a more comfortable seat, I feel like a pampered voeuyer) in reading about your relationship. You are so real, and honest, and talented - more than a few times, your words have had physically affected me. I love that you're just vague enough to leave us wanting more, without once leaving us wanting. You and Heather are another pair of bloggers I hope to meet in person someday.

Roland Hulme, I lessthanthree your blog! I just got done commenting this on your latest post, but truly, I love the intellectualism and wit I get with each entry. I'll admit that I still can't quite wrap my head around your political positions, but that's part of the fun. You're one of the few non-sex bloggers I read regularly (quiet in the peanut gallery, thank you), because I'm so hungry for the snarky, smart commentary I miss so much since coming abroad. Also, the photos of your son are just ridiculously adorable. And I love your comments on my HNT posts, even if I suspect that those are sometimes the only posts I can count on you to read. ;)

Jake of Facts and Friction, I lessthanthree your blog! Of course, it goes without saying that I LOVE your HNT photos, Jake. *sigh.* But you knew that. Aside from the obvious hotness (seriously, dude, those abs? Not even fair...I'm digressing.), I love your not-quite-sarcastic tone. I get the impression you know more than your 19 years let on. And I've told you that your writing reminds me of Friend, which is always a good thing. I get the impression you and I would be good friends - and I always look forward to your emails. I know University keeps you busy, but I do so enjoy hearing about your escapades and conquests. And remember, it should always be a walk of fame.

Merlin, I lessthanthree your blog! Your words are poignant, stunning, and incredibly powerful. I can feel the connection you and Nimue have for one other through your words and both your recounts of your time together. If I ever had any doubt that an affair could be as loving, fulfilling and important as a "traditional relationship" (which is questionable if I've thought that since I started having sex), you have banished every trace. You are both so eloquent and I so admire your writing that I am always genuinely flattered when you comment here. Here's hoping there are more reunions (and reading material for us!) in the near future.

Wilhelmina Wang (of Heartbreak Nymphomania), I lessthanthree your blog! Wilhelmina, you are another kindred spirit in the blogosphere that makes existing here so much more fun and exciting. I love seeing you exploring everything that accompanies blogging, and it's genuinely fascinating to see parallels in your experience abroad and mine. It does help me feel not so alone. Also, I must admit I'm sufficiently jealous of your sexploits of late. Damn living out my top fantasy. I'm always looking forward to the next post. And I should add, I adore that your HNT posts always reveal something more than your body, as well.

*pants* That's a lot of love. Of course, I couldn't include everyone I read regularly, especially considering how many of you I do read on a very regular basis. But do know that each of you has made this whole blogging experience something so much more than, and have added to the addiction that this thing has become. (Don't worry, it's a good thing.) Perhaps it's because I'm away in a strange place, but it really is nice to know there is such good, smart, sex-positive energy floating around in literally every corner of the world.



Jake (of Facts and Friction) said...

Aww thank you! There's more to come even if I have been a bit quiet as of late! You keep up the lovely HNT pictures and let us know how things are going too x

Merlin said...

Thanks very much for this honor, Sasha! I'm glad that our love for each other brightens your day, and yes, we do intend to get back together very, very soon. So soon you may be reading about it in a few days.

You keep writing too, please . . . and the occasional dive off a cliff would be vicarious fun for us as well.

Fat Controller said...

***blushes*** Thank you Sasha, We're both very touched.

Let us know what dates you are in Denmark and let's see if we can get together. Where we are is just about do-able in a day by train (more a comment on the speed of the trains than on the size of the country!) or by plane to Aalborg, but on second thoughts, Skagen is not at its best at this time of year. Another idea might be to meet up in Aarhus which is easier to reach by train. If you were interested we could see 'Den Gamle By' which is an entire town created from historic buildings that have been rescued from all over the country and reconstructed. Aarhus is itself a lively university town.

Let us know what you think.