Wednesday, December 24, 2008

HNT: Celebrate!

Two weekends ago was Essin Em's 23rd birthday party. We were to come in costume, as a myth, tall tale or fable. She was looking fine as the White Rabbit, and I managed to create a Megara (yes, from Hercules) costume out of an old pink broomstick skirt.

The night was a fabulous time. There was truth or dare - in which I got to make out with an adorable girl whose number I later got - chocolate body paint - which Em licked off my chest.. yes there are photos, no, you can't see them...hehe - and delicious drinks. There was also a pretty heavy snowstorm that night, so getting home was a bit of an adventure, but things aren't fun without a little adventure.

So here's our first photo of the night, posing shamelessly. I really love this photo, although P has already given me shit for the cut of the dress. But like I told Em, if there was ever a party where it was OK to show up in an outfit that easily showed your underwear, it would be her birthday.

Happy birthday, again, dearest.
And Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.
And Happy Hannukah to those who celebrate.
And Happy Yule to my fellow pagans.
And happymerry wintertime holiday celebration to you and yours.

And, of course, HHNT!


Merlin said...

I've looked carefully and fail to see even a hint of your underwear in that photo.

I'm inclined to give Essin Em shit for wearing an outfit that shows none of hers, given the nature of the party.

But I don't know her, so I'll leave that to you.

Roland Hulme said...

Was this HNT our Christmas present? Because if it was, it was AWESOME.

d2b said...

Great costumes, That must have been a fantastic party!

Happy belated HNT and a Happy New Year, I re-sent you an invitation to my place ;)

Roland Hulme said...

I seem top have lost your email address - I was going to send you a quick email and say I hope you're liking life back in the states and we (the royal we) miss you and can't wait to read more of your bloggy adventures.

Amalthea said...

Weee! You both looked so lush and lovely. Great costume improvisation btw! Hope to hear & see more from you soon my darling.