Friday, December 5, 2008

(belated)HNT: The Texan

I wasn't going to post an HNT this week, but after my flight got delayed by three hours in Spain, making it just long enough to force me to miss my flight back home, I find myself alone in a hotel room with reliable, free internet for the first time in months.

And reflecting on a most ridiculous last night in Spain. The Texan insisted I come out with him and, literally, everyone else in the program. Usually this is entirely not my style, but since I didn't know when I'd be seeing The Texan again and we always have a good time together and, well, it WAS my last night in Spain, I went. We started off with a botellon in a random plaza with everyone... Of course The Texan and I were pretty much attached at the hip the whole night. He started tearing up, as he's the only one from his school in the program, which will inevitably make it more difficult (although not impossible) to keep in touch with people. He stepped aside, I followed him to check on him, offer my shoulder for crying. (Which is kind of a funny thing to see as he's got a solid 7-9 inches on me, but we make it work.) The conversation quickly turned to his and my friendship, and I promised him he'd be tired of hearing from me before I'd ever let our friendship fade. He looked at me, tears still in his eyes, and thanked me. Told me that he'd never had a friend who accepted him so unconditionally. I told him anyone who would try to tell him he needed to be something he isn't doesn't deserve him.

And then he pulled me to him and kissed me. It was sweet, friendly, and very much full of love.

The night progressed in that general fashion, both of us continuing to drink, and by the second disco we hit up, dancing exclusively with one another. There was much more making out. I got to make out to some of my favorite songs to dance to - which is always fun, especially because I'm a sap and I like romantic songs... Of course, there's only so innocent such things can be. So, without further adieu, I present The Texan's handiwork:

Not that it's the worst hickey I've ever gotten, but it is a fun little reminder of the night. And the chills I'd get when he was biting me. God I've missed that.

I'm SO ready to be home. Are you ready for me?

HHNT! (Friday, OK, OK.)


Osbasso said...

Glad you were able to sneak one in for us this week!

Anonymous said...

:) That sounds so nice... both the friendship and the making out.

Something in me loves getting hickeys, even though they can be *such* an inconvenience.

Amalthea said...

Oooh! You're so lovely, and bruises don't diminish it at all. I love bruises - hickeys, finger marks, bite marks, scratches... anything. Thanks for reminding me!

Amalthea said...

And i had to leave a separate comment to say: YAY!!! You're back in the states!!

Roland Hulme said...

Ah, those cowboys can't help leaving their brand.

Bienvenue aux les Etats Unis!

d2b said...

I was very late in for your belated HNT so I have to come back soon for your this weeks!

Great shot, and Happy belated HNT!!!

jason said...

very nicely written