Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reflections II

Just a short post this evening. There might be one more of these reflection posts in the works... and this one has little to do with sexuality, but I suppose that's what you get when I get rambly and preoccupied with moving back across the ocean.

In other news, I hope everyone is having or had a fantastic Thanksgiving spent with the people you wanted to spend it with and being grateful for all that all of us are lucky enough to have. So here, some things I will miss (and yes, was lucky to enjoy while I was here).

Things I will miss:
The Texan
Professors who swear, drink, and laugh with their students
Gorgeous international men
Gorgeous international women
My favorite Mexicans (at my favorite restaurant here)
Students willing to set aside cliques and make new friends
Hot foreign accents
Legal equality and social acceptance for many queer identities (admittedly not all)
Speaking Spanish daily
Meeting new people daily
Paella, Tortilla Española, y Sangria
Easy access to the rest of Europe
Living in a home where my Señora cares when I come home
My best girlfriend here
Automatically being worldly and different because I'm not European
Worldly, different, European points of view

Things I will NOT miss:
Catty cliques that are apparently an international phenomenon
Not eating a meal between 9am and 10pm
Crappy internet connections
Two-midterm semesters
Different grading standards (while still officially working with an American GPA system)
Speaking Spanish everyday
Being closeted to most of the people around me
Three words: Dollar to Euro.
Settling for digital conversations with real friends
Not having a cell phone
Sharing a bedroom
Automatically being different because I'm not European


Merlin said...

As I read the first part of this post, I was wondering why you were coming home. But then you explained yourself.

The good news is that most large cities have tapas restaurants now where you can get a decent paella, and Spanish wine is everywhere these days.

Amalthea said...

It's funny how different and yet the same life seems to be everywhere. I'm so happy you had this opportunity! And I'm also excited you're coming back across the pond - hehe, that makes possibilities of my meeting you sooner rather than later much easier to realize! But I'm not selfish at all, hehe.

Essin' Em said...

I can't wait to see you!

Wilhelmina said...

Interesting... LOVE Spanish food/wine. And I've wanted to do the whole europtrip thing since forever. Maybe this summer? Who knows.

I'm leaving in... three weeks... and will probably be reflecting on similar things then. Granted, I'll be halfway across the globe to visit home before returning to the States, which will be even more of a mindfuck.