Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The charming Roland Hulme just informed me that he'd given me an award. Eep! Here's the award:
And here's what he wrote about me. (Eep, agian!)

I'm always so surprised when these things happen... Really, I feel so flattered when these people I read and respect bother to comment on my blog, let alone compliment it. And then, awards? Well, that I don't even know how to deal with. So there is MUCH blushing.

Also, Roland, might I say how much I enjoy the word smexy? It's fabulous. And I very much appreciate the fact that the award talks about brain-power, also. In all honesty, I started this blog because I was kind of tired of being that smart girl who no one realized might be physically attractive until AFTER they got to know her. But I like to think the blog has turned into something a little bit beyond that... and it's touching to see that other people might just agree with me.

I really have no words for this. I'm so flattered. Thank you, Roland!

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Amalthea said...

Awww, so deserved! So sweet! Roland rocks.

Word verification: Smonal... could it mean smartly emotional? :D