Thursday, March 18, 2010

HNT: My own space

No apologies this time. I'm getting better - I am! Just a tiny little explanation.

As I've mentioned (I think?), I just moved into my own place downtown. It's the first time I've lived completely financially independent for an extended period of time, and I love it! I love the feeling that comes with having a space that's really, truly yours. I like to take advantage of that fact whenever possible... Like walking around my apartment wearing very little. (OK, not when my roommate and her boyfriend are home, although there have been some fun times with immediate post-coital roommate chit-chat.)

But on mornings like today, when I've got the house to myself, it's kind of fun to prance around the house not wearing much. Making breakfast seems way more exotic if you're doing it without clothes on. And really, who likes clothes anyway?

Not me, apparently.

I do, however, love those underwear. They're one of my favorite pairs, for no particular reason other than they're comfortable, and I think they're cut nicely. Any input?



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Southern Sage said...

yeah they look great but most anything on you would.

HEDONE said...

They are cut nicely. And you've nice curves.

Sasha Sappho said...

Sage! So nice to see you're still reading me - Thank you, good sir!

Sid said...

They fit you very nicely. Bring out your curves.Wild Kinky Sex Toys