Friday, March 5, 2010

HNT: Housewarming

I feel like all I do here these days is apologize for my absence, so hopefully you lovely readers will allow me to make it up to you. I've spent the past two weeks moving into my own place, getting settled, and getting the energy right in my place. I think I've pretty much got it - thanks in no small part to a few friends of mine who have helped me... ahem.. shall we say christen my new bedroom?

There are many, many stories in the works about those sleepless nights.

For now, though, I hope you'll be willing to settle for an HNT in my new space. I have this fabulous vintage dresser with a vanity mirror on top, and it's rather perfectly positioned for sneaking peeks when I find myself, say, bent over the footboard of my bed. Hypothetically, of course.



Fat Controller said...

What a gorgeously tantalising picture! No doubt as to who is the fairest of them all here!


great pic & great thoughts