Sunday, April 12, 2009

Love letter to a memory.

The pillows you'd put on the bed for me are scattered on the floor, along with the comforter we didn't need to keep us warm. There is still some tangle of sheets around our knees, lit by the sunlight just starting to break through your still-shut curtains. It gives your whole bedroom a soft, warm and inviting aura. Or that might be you. But the light does look beautiful on your skin, catching your eyes and your smile that you flash at me sleepily and affectionately. I melt and get goosebumps at the same time, and I think you know you do this to me. That must be why you keep smiling at me.

I sit up onto my knees, try to run my fingers through my hair, tangled from your hands and my own movements. As I start to fumble with the sheets, I hear you sit up, and feel your body heat before you've touched me. As you close that distance, one hand finds its way to my bare waist, my hips, and pulls me to you. Your other hand brushes the hair off my neck and shoulder before it joins the other at my waist. I close my eyes and lean into you as you kiss my neck, softly and sweetly. You pull me tighter to you as you rest your head on my shoulder, and as you do, I glance up - and see our bodies reflected in your vanity mirror.

And in that moment, kneeling in your bed, with your arms around me and your head on my shoulder, seeing us reflected and bathed in the light of morning, I felt more beautiful, and loved, and perfect than I ever have. Neither of us spoke a word, but you stayed with me, like there was nowhere else you'd rather be and I forgot there was a world outside your bedroom door. Our reflection made the moment cinematic in the grandest way. And looking at you, and your incomparable beauty, I was more beautiful, too.

Being with you was worth the wait. And surpassed every expectation I could have. Then again, that part I knew the moment you kissed me. Whenever I look up to see a full moon, I'm reminded of you. Thank you for being exactly what I needed. Thank you for being such an unbelievably beautiful memory.


max said...

a beautifully written memory is what that is.

MarquisdGore said...

I recently went through a one-sided breakup. Her decision - for "more space" which ultimately means good-bye forever. Following links about one day and came upob your writing
"Love letter to a memory" First paragraph was so poignant, that I copied it, changed a few words to be more specific and sent it to her, just the one paragraph. Sorry I didn't ask first. I don't expect any results from it, but it made me feel better to be able to say it

Thank you for writing that whole piece. It had to touch a lot of people's hearts