Thursday, January 22, 2009

HNT: Rough

I've been slacking on the HNTs the past month, so this time is going to include a series - something I've never done before. But I also needed to post these while they're still relevant. So here goes.

We're all aware by now that my particular brand of kink involves BDSM. (Aside: I was sitting at dinner with a girlfriend the other day, and she asked me what the kinkiest thing I'd ever done was, then had to clarify "Not including violent-type things." I kind of paled in comparison with that caveat.) The more I explore it, the more I find that the control aspect - specifically, giving up that control - is what really appeals to me. I also love the physical sensation, of course, and that often has very physical, ahem, responses within my body. But of the various forms of control, I found another I liked this past week.

After a particularly emotionally trying day (complete with 3.5 hour period of unconsciousness followed by mysterious stress-rash...ew.), I ended up asking a friend to spend the night with me. I knew he was a good cuddler, and wasn't at all opposed to the idea of having someone to sleep next to. He's also an exceedingly good kisser, and earlier in the evening, had lavished all kinds of attention on my neck. (A sadly under-appreciated area on my body... people usually get drawn to my tits, but putting one's mouth along my neck is almost the fastest way to reduce me to a compliant puddle of desire possible.) So, yeah, without much effort, he had me convinced that it would be worthwhile for him to stay.

I've written about him before, but as of late, I'm thinking of him as my Jacob. (Yes, more Twilight analogies.) He unquestionably loves me, and he is sweet and probably better for me than a lot of my other choices. But still, there's always something in the way. He's also the only person younger than me I'm still sleeping with.

Anyway. He spent the night. We "went to bed" early, and were actually asleep by about 3am. Here's what he did to me in the meantime:

Right shoulder, four days later

Left shoulder, four days later

Those are from his teeth. I loved that he wasn't afraid to use them. Of course, he picked up pretty quickly from the writhing, whimpering me under his mouth that it was a good thing and he should continue doing that. At one point, he was biting me on one side as he had his palm lightly curled around the other side of my neck. I liked the way it felt. So I brought my hand up to his palm, and clasped my hand around his, closing down - thereby making his hand tighten around my neck. He kept biting and tightening ever so slightly.

I dissolved.

He noticed the change in my body, and whether or not he could feel the current running through me as I thrilled at the new sensation, I don't know, but he responded appropriately. Never crushing my airway, of course (I'm lucky in that he has some experience in the area, and can show me new things while still keeping me safe), he would periodically bring his hands to my neck, my jaw, and tighten his grip. And every time, it had the same effect on me. Fire racing through my veins and fueling the desire already coursing through me. I think I caught him smiling a little, slightly evil smile as he watched me gasp in pleasure and surprise, but as soon as his hands were there, the world around me ceased to exist, so I can't be sure.

and this is from his hands. Again, four days later, you can't see that, essentially, the entirety of my neck was purple.


That's all I've got.



Roland Hulme said...

Awesome pictures!

My wife is exactly the same with the neck and throat... The quickest route to her surrender is for me to hold her down and gently close my teeth over the skin of her throat or shoulder, growling as I do so.

Although I get my arse kicked if I leave marks!

d2b said...

Happy HNT!!!

Amalthea said...

You have such gorgeous shoulders! Whew. Four days later?!? I don't own enough high necked shirts for those kinds of exploits, haha, but I do have a lot of scarves.... Hmmm. Maybe I should sign up for some of that... Yummy fantasies from this one dear, thanks!

Merlin said...

The neck is one of the most ignored erogenous zones, and I have no idea why. It's so easily accessible, and attention to it arouses even the least receptive woman most of the time.

Why else would Dracula remain so popular though the centuries?