Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HNT: Least favorite

Well, you all knew this was coming, eventually. It isn't actually as self-deprecating as it first might seem. Sure, posting photos of yourself that you love is easy to do, and the compliments only make it better. But I'm hoping by posting photos of parts of my body I'm NOT as comfortable with, I can make some progress on becoming more comfortable with those given body parts. So here it is.

I am really uncomfortable with my stomach. Although I've generally embraced my curves, I've never warmed to the softness in the middle. I also know that were I to tighten my midriff, my waist would also consequently get smaller, which would be awesome for the curvaceousness. Of course, motivation to get to the gym when you're constantly surrounded by multiple feet of snow is sometimes tough to come by. But I'm not doing the New Year's Resolution thing to lose 15 pounds, because everyone does that, and it's never worked for me. So I'm not making any resolutions, just going to try to find that strength that I had a few years back, when I was going to the gym four to five times a week. I felt better then. Of course, shortly after, I felt worse than I knew I could up until that point, but that had nothing to do with the Freshman Negative 15. (Yes, I LOST 15 pounds freshman year. It was cool.)

So here's a photo that I believe is less than complimentary to my stomach. It shows the softness, not turned, not sucked in, just there. I don't like it. But I'm working on that. And that's all I got. I have great photos from New Year's on the way, but the cord to upload photos has vanished, so I need to relocate it.

In the meantime, HHNT!


Fat Controller said...

I don't see anything not to like there. I think the important thing is for you to be have control over your body shape and not the other way round. i.e. don't let the dissatisfaction rule your life

Roland Hulme said...

I think a bit of tummy softness makes a woman look beautiful, feminine and sensual. Your HNT proves my point!

I'm on a diet too - I've joined (it's free) and the calorie counter is pretty awesome and helpful.

As always, you look gorgeous in your photo and I'm sure most readers of your blog agree with me that we wouldn't change a thing about you.

Just me... said...

Have no fearss. You have a lovely stomach.. If everyone had rock hard abs, wouldn't it be boring??
Anyway, softer is better...

Anonymous said...

Very hot. You're beautiful. Gotta face the reality: we're not super models; we're «normal» people. Forget all the mind issues and go with the flow.

Post some ass pics or camel toe, just like Kidman did ;p

Osbasso said...

Good for you! It ain't a beauty contest out here, so you've got nothing to worry about (gosh...that didn't come out the way I wanted...). With very few exceptions, none of us out here is totally pleased with some part of their bodies. Which makes it a great place to uncover and get half-nekkid!

d2b said...

I think you looks great, I like that softness :)

Happy HNT!!!

Paint and Soul said...

You're beautiful Sasha. :) I lost 15 when I went to college too, haha, but gained like 40 when I went to grad school! (I've lost all but 10 of that now, eeek). If you need some help with weight stuff, I love and have a user over there. Message me or something if you want more info. :)

I applaud the desire for self improvement, but am always here to tell you you're GORGEOUS!

Merlin said...

There are two aspects to fitness. One is health. Exercise has many benefits, in terms of strengthening your heart, increasing muscle mass, and improving stamina. Also, it releases endorphins that make you feel good, just like sex does.

The other is appearance. Yes, hard physical labor will tighten your body. You will look more like the models who are displayed in the media as the epitome of perfection in the human form. This may boost your self-esteem, and may enhance your chances of developing relationships with one or more people you find attractive.

But you will always be faced with the question: does this person desire the image I project, or the real me? The latter, I think, would provide much more satisfaction.