Sunday, May 11, 2008

Summer time, and the livin' (ain't) easy...

Well, interweb, I'm off. I'm getting on a train in four hours and never looking back.
That is, until I come back to the same place in January.
Anyways, I'm headed home to Denver for the summer, where I have an internship at an LGBT magazine and I'll be working for a rape-crisis center doing PR and grassroots-organizing-type stuff. And possibly selling shoes. Yes, it's going to be a busy summer indeed.
I don't know what my internet setup will look like once I get back (I won't be living at home), so there's a possibility this summer will be a bit of a hiatus. I haven't been excellent about posting regularly to begin with, but given that I'll be nowhere near as likely to come home and check my email every night when I'm in Denver, other Web-related things might fall by the wayside also. Just a heads-up.

Thanks to everyone who's been reading, and I'll be back in the Fall. In SPAIN. Hells. yeah.

Love and kittens to all,

Sasha Sappho

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