Monday, July 20, 2009

Toybox: The Magnificent Vibrating Glove

OK. I'll admit it. I was pretty excited about getting my first package from VibeReview. I mean, the ability to test toys is probably one of the biggest perks of being a sex blogger. (In case you were wondering, you, dear readers, are the BEST part.) I was even more thrilled when I received a large, pleasantly discreet package at my door. My roommates didn't ask any questions about it, and the address is just a "Shipping Department" in Jersey, so anyone worried about being embarrassed openly buying toys needn't worry.

So you can imagine how elated I was when I found not one, not two, but FOUR products in that package. That's right, the lovely people at VibeReview really hooked me up for my first set of products to review. All of the items were on my Wish List, and there was a nice variety of products. I haven't gotten a chance to test them all out just yet, but don't worry... I will.

The first product out of that box was the Magnificent Vibrating Glove from Fukuoku. I had tried one of these gloves on once at a convention, but never used one myself.

So, I have to start with the obvious. I think it looks a little bit silly. The glove has a large palm and short fingers, which is precisely the opposite of the way my hand is shaped. Additionally, The wrist of the glove (where the battery pack is also attached) has elastic in it that was borderline too tight on my arm. Then again, maybe my strangely-shaped hands meant that band fell in a strange place. I appreciate that the glove is black and relatively unobtrusive, as far as black neoprene-type gloves go. Oh, and? IT'S WATERPROOF. Even the battery case (which includes the three AAA batteries, huzzah!) is totally waterproof. The Glove can be cleaned with soap and water, but CAN NOT be mashine-washed. Well, everything has it flaws.

On each of the fingers and the thumb are attached what feels like an oval-shaped plate which vibrates. This means that you still have complete movement of each finger and can place those vibrations wherever you want. The battery pack is attached to the inside wrist, and attached to that pack is the on/off switch. The Magnificent Vibrating Glove has two settings (well, three if you include "off"): I'd call them high and higher.

The vibrations themselves are subtle and buzzy. I personally like stronger, more rhythmic vibrations, at least to get me going. Because of that, it was a little tough to get myself off with the glove by itself. The high-intensity (although notably quiet) vibrations were borderline over-stimulating for me at any other time than immediately before I come. For that, though, they were GREAT. The highest setting is faster than any other toys I have, so is a great way to push myself over the edge. To be fair, the packaging brags that at the highest speed, each fingertip vibrates at approximately 45,000 vibrations per minute. And that's about what it feels like.

Again, the vibrations were nice, but a little too consistent for me. And those 45K vpm make your entire finger buzz... Which is a strange feeling, in my opinion. So while I have to admit that the Magnificent Vibrating Glove may not become my new favorite sex toy, it is AWESOME as a massager. Like, an actual massager. For sore muscles. I used it on an angry cramp in my calf, and it was like the soreness melted away. That in and of itself means it's a product worth having.

I also think the Glove would be great for people (or couples or threesomes or moresomes) who want a less-intrusive sex-toy. Because the glove fits over your hand (duh), the movements seem more organic and more directly connected to yourself or your partner(s). It's definitely less intimidating than a <massive, vibrating dildo, for example.And it IS a fun toy. It's not perfect, but I'm absolutely glad to have it in my repetiore.

3 out of 5 stars.

If you'd like your own Magnificent Vibrating Glove, you can find it here at VibeReview. Or, if you'd like to see any of the other fabulous, sexy products from this great, sex-positive company, check out You won't be left wanting. Promise.

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